Chester County Book Company Presents

A farewell message from Kathy:

On behalf of the staff and myself, we would like to thank you all for your support and affection over three decades.

Working in a bookstore is a unique and special thing. We sell food for the mind. When customers come they come with an agenda: they want to fix something, cook something, travel somewhere, learn something, read something to escape, read something to laugh, to grow, to heal grief. We were always there to help and we’re proud of that. We loved the interaction with you that made every day unique.

You have seen us huge and you have seen us smaller, make money and lose money. We tried our best to adapt to new economic realities, but in the end it was impossible to continue. Many of you were and are fiercely loyal to the printed book, but the number fell a little short. We are sorry to go.

We have been so touched in the last few months when news of our closing became public and you conveyed your condolences on Facebook and in person. Many of you shared stories of memorable moments in our store. We are so moved by your stories and share them with each other. We love and will miss you all too.

Speaking for myself, I have to say that I can’t imagine a better staff. Just for fun, I totalled the number of years the current staff has worked here. Thea, Tim, Michael, Nan, Julia, Cindy, Andrea, Maegan and Alex have a combined 186 years at CCBC! You now know why they are so good at what they do. I could never have accomplished this without them.

I hope you will continue to shop at Indies (and pay cash whenever you can). As you may know, we recommend Wellington Square Bookstore in Exton as the closest independent bookstore.

Goodbye and thanks for all the memories. We had so much fun!

- Kathy Fortney

Thank You from Chester County Book Company